Das neue Jahr und seine Sparpotentiale

Dear readers of my column,

over a newsletter I got these days the link http://www.sueddeutsche.de/geld/krankenkasse-pflege-strom-wo-sie-sparen-koennen-1.3317905 leaked. And since nobody ignores tips that help save money, I have looked at the tips summarized in the report once.

In addition to the cost of electricity, so you can „save“ with insurance. This is basically new and extremely enjoyable.

I confine myself consciously on points that have to do with health and long-term care insurance. The following thoughts come to me to the individual points:

To item 1 of the article: Change statutory health insurance:

The health insurance companies have the additional contributions nationwide NOT increased. Consequently, there is no special right of termination here. At the point, the media-spanning reporting and advice is not really effective. All members of the cash register THEREFORE have the tip to check Their Own contribution rate together with the additional contribution and, if Necessary, to cancel the fund by Means of a regular cancellation (at the end of the month after next). 18 months in their cash register (see §175 SGB V).Unless he can and would like to change to the private health insurance (referred to as PKV) (for conditions see under https://www.hoesch-partner.de/private-krankenversicherung/ ). Then the minimum membership is usually not.

To item 3 of the article: Back to the statutory health insurance

This variant is due to be made in the private health insurance. Theoretically and with tricks and tricks, the change from the private health insurance back to the cash register is certainly feasible ( talk to me about this ).

By the way: The provision of the social code (SGB, here §5 (1) in connection with §6 (1) 1 SGB V) does not permit this change formally, but demands this legally. Just to clarify that there is no voluntary nature here.

In this context, I put the following questions in the room:

  • Who likes to voluntarily forego income?
  • Are there not other reasons to be or remain in private health insurance (benefit level, medical care, premium refund, etc.) in addition to the pure payment contribution?
  • Have the authors of the article once dealt with the health insurance of pensioners (KVdR)? In particular, on the consequences if the GKV-insured (statutory health insurance) can not become a member there?

Pensioners who can not enter the KVdR (because you do not have any pre-insurance periods (§5 (1) 12 SGB V)) will become voluntary members of the GKV. And voluntarily GKV-insured pensioners pay health and long-term care insurance contributions from ALL income up to the income threshold! This can be including nursing insurance more than 800 EUR per month!

For self-employed, this rule does not work for „back“! Unless they close their businesses and take up employment as an employee with an annual salary of <€ 57,600. Only: who gives up after a life as a self-employed his status in favor of an activity with a new „boss“ and takes into account, as a pensioner may make horrendous contributions to the SHI?

To point 5 of the article: More money for people in need of care:

For this I have already reported in my last blog ( https://www.hoesch-partner.de/blog/2017/01/pflegestaerkungsgesetz-ii-2017-truegerische-sicherheit/ ). The change in the law of long-term care insurance brings only minor monetary improvements. Which raises the question of how much you can save money here. The report is talking about increased care insurance contributions. And since these contributions are incalculable to pay and especially in the GKV are absolutely identical, I see no potential savings here. Quite the contrary: own provision is necessary, and that costs in addition!

My expert tip: no arbitrary quick shots, but only sound advice from the expert !

In this sense: continue to come through the winter and healthy and stay with me.


Helmut Zeiss

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