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The dead say live longer, says the vernacular. But the block policy, which are unilateral applications that are tied like a pad and torn off, there was time in the time, which is called by some „the good old“, ie before the mediation directive and before the VVG reform.
Whether these times were so good, is an open question. The claims that the industry made on itself were always lower and therefore there were also block policies. And now they are back and even actively promoted: in the current issue of AssCompact by the German Family Insurance .

When I saw the ad, I shook myself inwardly. The headline „While others are still scrolling, you have already sold“. That sounds like „quick-and-dirty“! And honestly: In what time do we live? Which picture of the broker has the DFV? Would serious colleagues use something like that? I hope not and I do not believe it – no, I am firmly convinced that no serious broker will use! And I also tell you why, because there are many reasons:

Blockpolice : That just does not fit into the time. That’s not how customer service works today. I bring along three notes, fill in a few dates, make a few crosses, tear off the request and then right down, press firmly, the punch is for you. Just stupid that there is not even a punch in the block policy. Everything not trustworthy.

Format : The format is A6, which is 10 x 15 cm. What the meaning and purpose of this reduction is, is not revealed to me. It’s not about sending these documents by post in the area, in such a case, such a miniaturization can still tackle, because that saves weight and thus postage. But in the block policy and the target group 50plus, because those are the care insurance. My bag has enough space for A4 – or at least A5 – documents and I am still physically able to handle the weight. So not only no obvious benefit, but additional problems: It limits the space for the fields that need to be filled, these are unnecessarily small and thus completing the filling is annoying. A6 – Missing topic, grade 6, set.

Font size : I’ve measured it with our graphics department. The fine print on the back has no 6 point font size, we have estimated it at 5.5 point. An absurd just for the target group of long-term care insurance. This is hard for me to decipher as a mid-forties with reading glasses. So that you can make yourself a picture we have the back of the application here in original size. See for yourself. For me an absolute no-go.

Health issues : And this style continues. On the front of the application, it says „… and read the health question (letter B) on the reverse, understood and answered the health question as a whole with“ no „. „Respect. Since the answer to the question is imprinted with. You do not even have to bother to tick anything else. I’m not a lawyer or an application expert, but that somehow this is allowed, I’m a bit surprised, because that opens the door to overlook, forget, unconscious action or whatever you want to call it. That would really interest me, as a judge wg this application document in the case of challenge by the insurer wg. precontractual breach of duty.

Vorgedrucktes Beratungsprotokoll: Gibt es noch Steigerungsmöglichkeiten? Ja, auch wenn es schwer zu glauben ist. Das ebenfalls bereits vorgedruckte Beratungsprotokoll. Da gibt es folgende Kategorien:

  • Kundenwünsche / Anlass der Beratung
  • Kundenbedarf
  • Rat und Begründung
  • Kundenentscheidung

Alle Antworten sind vorgedruckt. Glauben Sie nicht? Auch dieses Dokument haben wir abgebildet. Sozusagen die Erfindung des Einheitsberatungsprotokolls. Auch gibt es nicht mal ein freies Feld in das man noch irgendeinen individuellen Aspekt eintragen könnte.
Heerscharen von Juristen, Verbandsvertretern, Makler und Mitarbeiter von Versicherungsgesellschaften zerbrechen sich den Kopf, was alles und wie individuell es dokumentiert sein muss, um rechtssicher zu sein. Und was macht die DFV? Sie druckt ein Beratungsprotokoll für alle. One Size fits all sozusagen. Kundenname einfügen, unterschreiben, fertig. Das ist schon irgendwie dreist.

Als Fazit zwei Dinge:

  1. Die Branche schießt sich durch gut gemeinte – aber das ist ja bekanntlich das Gegenteil von gut gemachten – Aktionen immer wieder selbst ins Aus. Schade.
  2. If you are reading this as a customer and are interested in a long-term care insurance , then I invite you right now for a personal consultation with Hoesch & Partner. And I promise you that you will not get an application from the block uh off the shelf with us, but an individual and customized solution that takes into account your life situation and your needs. Just make an appointment online or call (069 – 71 70 7 – 540).