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The biggest asset to protect for a young/ middle-aged professional and “breadwinner” is his/ her working power. The most effective way of protecting your working power is the long term disability insurance (“Berufsunfähigkeits-Versicherung”).

If you are unable to continue working because of illness or injury, you are entitled to a monthly disability pension payment from the insurer until you recover or up to an age that you set at the beginning of the insurance. Typically it is still the former retirement age of 65 in Germany. After the private liability insurance, the long term disability insurance is considered the most important, and is also the most common, risk insurance in Germany.


The most important and difficult task when searching for your personal long term disability insurance, is to single out the best and price-value-relation as well as terms and conditions according to your individual wishes and needs:
<li>Which insurer offers the best price-value-relation for my profession?</li>
<li>Will the insurance already kick in if I can not continue in my specific job, or will the insurance only kick in when I can no longer maintain any professional life (“Erwerbsunfähigkeitsrente”)?</li>
<li>Does my doctor’s prognosis for the duration of the disability have to cover at least 2 years in advance, or does the much easier prognosis of 6 months suffice?</li>
<li>Will I be covered worldwide, or only in the EU? Am I covered on my holidays abroad?</li>
<li>What if I drive to fast or turn my car where it is not allowed? Will that minor transgression still be covered if I come to harm in the process?</li>
Our motto is: “We spare you the comparison marathon.”

To get your individual offer according to your wishes and needs with the best price-value-relation on the market just give us a call via 069- 71 70 7-161 or send us a mail via <a href=“https://www.hoesch-partner.de/en/household-goods-insurance“ target=“_blank“>our English pages here</a> or directly to <a href=“mailto:matthias.heil@hoesch-partner.de“ target=“_blank“>matthias.heil@hoesch-partner.de</a> .

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