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As described in the last blog: The most effective way to protect your greatest asset as a young/middle-aged professional and “breadwinner“ is the long term disability insurance („Berufsunfähigkeits-Versicherung“).

As the accumulated pension payments covered by this insurance in many cases exceed € 1 Mio., a number of detailed risk questions have to be answered in order to enter the tariff. If the insurance is not contracted fairly early in life, the risk assessment of medical preconditions often results in individual clauses: Exclusions from coverage or surplus premia because of a higher risk for the insurer.

The most common medical preconditions are the relatively new phenomenon of “burn out” and the classical “back problems”. As the insurers have no ordinary right of cancellation once they accept someone as a member, they assess those precondition on the basis of the worst case scenarios. That can easily lead to a complete rejection of an application.


What are the alternatives: The best available alternative on the market, if the long term disability insurance is no longer available, is the dread disease/critical illnesses policy (“Schwere Krankheiten Versicherung”): Instead of the global coverage of illnesses and accidents the long term disability insurance provides, it covers a fixed list of critical illnesses like heart attack, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson etc. The most comprehensive list currently provided on the market covers 43 different critical illnesses. Once you are diagnosed with one of those illnesses you receive your individual benefit agreed upon with the insurer at the start of the insurance. As the diagnosis in itself is sufficient to receive the insurance benefit it is often called the ”honest” disability insurance.

The benefit out of a dread disease coverage can be a lump sum payment due to disability but also due to a terminal diagnosis.

If you wish to protect your working power and are unsure which insurance type is the best solution for you or are looking for additional information on the subject just get back to us a call via 069- 71 70 7-161 or send us a mail via our English pages here or directly to matthias.heil@hoesch-partner.de .

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