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In most cases a standard German household goods insurance will suffice. What it covers: Mentally turning your flat upside down, everything that would fall out because it is not firmly fixed to the walls, and belongs to you, will be covered against these outward influences: Fire, mains water, burglary, vandalism, storm and hail and lightning strike from outside.


If your household goods replacement value is above € 250.000,- or you own a disproportionate quantity of valuables ( jewellery, expensive wrist watches, works of art, tapestry, antique furniture, precious metal objects etc ), or just want the all-round carefree package, an “All- risk” coverage might be the more sensible than the standard household goods coverage. In some cases it may even be the only way to get your household goods insured effectively.

The “All- Risk” policy offers the more complete coverage in comparison to household goods insurance already including glass breakage, elementary damage, bike theft and travel baggage coverage and even simple theft and simple loss.

For a detailed description of the coverage and your individual premium just get back to us via 069- 71 70 7-161 or send us a mail via our English pages here or directly to matthias.heil@hoesch-partner.de .

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