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Being a German resident you need German vehicle liability insurance to be able to register your car or motorcycle in Germany. Vehicle liability is one the very few mandatory insurances in Germany. It covers damage to property and injury to people caused whilst operating the vehicle.
In addition to the vehicle liability these are the different coverage types available:

  1. Partially comprehensive insurance
    Car insurance coverage providing protection in the events of: Theft, fire, burglary, natural hazards (storm, hail, flooding, lightning stroke), glass breakage, collision with game animals, explosion, marten bites.
  2. Fully comprehensive insurance (= upgrade to the partially comprehensive coverage):
    Additional coverage: Collisions/ accidents of the insured car and vandalism

The premium is e.g. heavily influenced by your no-claims-bonus/ history with your previous insurer(s). In order to have a non-German bonus recognized by German insurers the confirmation needs to

  • state you personally as the first policy holder (top line)
  • state start and end date of the policy
  • state explicitly that no claims occurred during the duration
  • carry an original signature
  • be issued by the main administration unit of your insurer  (not some local agency)

You should order it as soon as possible, perhaps coupled with a preliminary scan/ fax.

matthias-heilAdvantages via Hoesch & Partner:

  • As most foreign no-claims-boni/ confirmations do not match the German system we offer you a tri-lingual form which, once completed and signed by the main administration unit of your insurer, will be accepted by numerous German insurers.
  • Alternatively you have access to a special expatriate tariff which provides the rebate corresponding to 5 years without damages without proof via Hoesch & Partner.
  • In case of a damage we support you in stating your claim and breach the communications/ language- barrier between you and your insurer.

For your individual offer just get back to us via our online-form or directly via my contact data.

We are looking forward to your requests.

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