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Coming from abroad many of our Expat counterparts are accustomed to always get the best in terms of health insurance / medical cost coverage: The two- or even one- bed- room in hospital, glasses and lenses, the most common- because sophisticated and easy to handle- dental prostheses like inlays/ onlays and implants, professional tooth- cleaning and/ or the alternative practitioner (homeopathic medecines, acupuncture) etc.

While German public insurance is quite good on an international scale, it is limited in many areas like the ones mentioned above: You are limited to the multi- bed- room (up to 6-8 beds if you are unlucky) in hospital, simple forms of dental care like fillings, crowns or partial payments below 50% of your overall dentist- invoice and classical/ chemical “school medicine”. Normal Glasses have been completely removed from the public coverage. Professional tooth cleaning is not covered at all. If you go for a modern/ sensible/ premium solution you will even often loose what little coverage you had to begin with in the public system.matthias-heil

My personal experience: I had a root-canal treatment done last year. My dentist explained that a public insurer would only pay for removing the upper half of the root canal. As most of the infections/ inflammations are situated in the lower/ broader half of the root canal, removing just the upper half is in most cases totally useless. The pain will just come back again. If I had the more relevant lower part removed as well (which was the sensible thing to do), I would not get a cent from the public insurer at all. Very illogical, but a fact.
The solution: As I had private complementary health insurance in place, we chose the sensible action to remove the tissue from the whole root-canal, and my complementary insurance took over 90 % of the cost. Everything worked out just fine.

As we represent roundabout 60 private health insurers with a couple of hundreds of individual plans/ modules, we can offer you a wide variety of supplementary coverages with a focus on exactly the kind of subcoverage(s) (see above) you desire.

For your individual offer just get back to us via our online-form or directly via my contact data.

We are looking forward to spare you the comparison – marathon!

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