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Woman in restaurant gets served glass- cleaner instead of water …
Frau wird in Restaurant Glasreiniger statt Wasser serviert … – Bild.de

Burnt gullet, poisoned body – two years after a woman accidentally got served glass-cleaner instead of water, she still suffers the consequences. “The acute disease has healed” the woman states today, but the long term/ chronic consequences are still unforeseeable.

As the restaurant-owner has meanwhile given up his business and is officially “pennyless” all medical costs now and in the future have to be borne by the poisoned victim herself.

matthias-heilSolution: Today state of the art accident insurances also insure the consequences of food poisoning and the consumption of solid and liquid substances through your gullet. You can also be covered against diverse dangers like animal bites (e.g. tick/ mosquito bites), diving accidents, health damages caused by vaccination and incorrect medication. Even consequences of infectious illnesses, heart attacks and strokes as well as some forms of cancer can be insured.

In the event of the insured person’s disability (defined as a permanent physical or mental impairment) due to an accident, compensation in the form of a lump sum is due. You can include a life-long pension as well as coverage for patient transport ambulances and cosmetic surgery or a death benefit.

The annual premia for accident policies depend on financial and family situation: They start at € 65,- and can go up to € 200,- according to your wishes/ must-haves/ situation.

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