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A high-potential expat freelancer couple contacted us due to a personal recommendation from a personal friend. As their previous insurances had not been European public ones, their application for health insurance had already been refused by three German public and half a dozen German private insurers. Using our portfolio of insurance partners (about 60 national plus multiple international health insurers), and after investing much time and effort we were able to find one of the best health insurers on the German market willing to insure both our clients for their standard premium.
As they both told me afterwards they had already given up hope, and had been contemplating to leave Germany for good…

We are proud to deliver this kind of service. Here are some facts why we are able to do that:

  • Because we are independent and give you impartial advice as we represent over 100 different insurance partners- naturally without extra cost
  • Because we work with some of the biggest German Relocation Services (RSB, Proforg, Progedo …) and have 30 years of experience with “high potentials”
  • Because we offer special tariffs with exclusive top-conditions
  • Because we have 80 employees and are among the biggest and most successful insurance brokers on the market
  • Because we work with salaried consultants not with freelancers
  • Because you can reach us nationwide: On the internet, via e-mail, via Fax, via telephone- or face- to- face on-site wherever you are
  • Being independent of insurance companies, we represent your interests from the conclusion of contracts to the processing of damages/benefits
  • We have fluent English speaking Consultants to consult in your mother tongue concerning complex insurance subjects.

Press reports, consumer awards and recommendations e.g. by trade journals like Focus, Finanzen, Euro am Sonntag, Capital and cooperations with prestigious institutions confirm our competence.

Hoesch & Partner saves you the comparison-marathon and provides you with the most favorable offer(s). We compare more than a hundred different insurers. As an average you get 30 % more favorable conditions compared to an ordinary insurance agent. We act on your behalf, not on the insurance company’s.

matthias-heilSome more information on health insurance in Germany: Health insurance is a mandatory insurance in Germany since 2009. You have three options for health insurance as a resident in Germany:
Public (= state) health insurance, full private health insurance plans or public health insurance with private (supplementary) health insurance upgrades. Finding the best providers in both systems is not always easy, but it is worth the effort. Hoesch & Partner as one of the biggest owner-operated independent insurance brokers in Germany offers you over 2.000 different health insurance plans with over 60 insurance partners.

We maintain offices in in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich and Stuttgart and we are looking forward to welcome you at Hoesch & Partner. Please give us a call (069 – 71 70 71 61) or use our contact formular for an appointment.

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