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Via a recommendation by one of Germany’s biggest relocation agencies I was contacted by a family of five concerning private liability insurance. Not knowing the German system they naturally asked for the premium of our standard plan. After a five minute call it had become clear they needed anything but a “standard product”:

  • For their three lively children their tariff needed to provide coverage for underage children… which is not provided by most tariffs ( or with a dangerously low cap ) as the mentality is that damages by underage children result from gross negligence on the part of the parents.
  • Living in a big high-class apartment building a tariff with a high coverage for loss of keys and replacement of the corresponding locks was needed… again most tariffs include dangerously low sublimits as today a key will probably open more doors in your apartment complex than you ever thought possible ( common rooms / entrance doors, even utility rooms….).
  • Travelling a lot a trade indemnity subcoverage came very handy for travelling in areas where third party liability is not so common: Trade indemnity subcoverage obliges your insurer to support you as the damaged party through the levels of jurisdiction, and in the end covers you if the injuring party has neither the money to cover your claim, nor an insurance of his/ her own in place.

matthias-heilWe were able to filter out and provide exactly the coverage needed – due to our Hoesch& Partner rebate on the tariff with less than 5 % surplus premium compared to the “standard product”.

We are proud to deliver this kind of service. The facts why we are able to do that, especially for expats, you can find in my former blogpost on private health insurance or on our English website. If you have any questions regarding your private or company risk and pension management please do not hesitate to send us an online message or give us a call.

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