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Edinburgh home of Standard Life

Yesterday our first English blog went online, today we present the performance details of an English, nay Scottish, nay British insurer: Traditionally Standard Life presents their performance report for the reference date first of March during the month of April. Although the double- digit investment return rates for the last year and the 9,1 % per year investment return since 1996 are quite substantial, Standard life still sticks to their well-known British understatement:

“With our investment expertise we were again able to achieve a competitive return on investment for our With- Profit- products during the last twelve months in spite of the enduring volatility of the international markets.” …the insurer states in their publication. Also the so-called “GARS- fund” (Global Absolute Return Fund) incorporated in their “Maxxellence”- product, which is interesting especially for short-time investors, offers a very nice performance with 5,07 % return on investment in the running year and 8,97 % p.a. during one year… in the allowedly positive market of the last 15 months.

matthias-heilHoesch & Partners cooperates with Standard Life since 1996, the year of their market entry. We have been recommending mainly the Freelax- product- I myself call one of those policies my own. Still we have not followed every latest “fashion” by Standard Life like e.g. the “Suxxess-“ policies. The GARS- fund is also quite popular with our customers, especially for one-time-investments.

As the German life insurers/pension insurers have lowered their guaranteed interest rate and developed new investment strategies/schemes, their British counterparts like Standard Life and Canada Life currently experience a kind of “Renaissance”. During the initial years of the financial crisis the British insurers have suffered doubly: Under the volatile markets, and under the image problem as an Anglo- American financial services provider. In the long run their experience and investment expertise seem to prevail.

If you want to decide by yourself whether a policy by Standard Life is still missing from your portfolio just get yourself an individual offer or a personal appointment with one our specialists.

Tonight I will be dining with the CEO of Standard Life. Tomorrow I will report in detail right here.